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 Starfield is a new game created by a company called Bethesda. It was first talked about in 2018 and was finally revealed in 2023. This game is about exploring space and doing exciting things. It can be played on computer or Xbox. This is a big deal because it's actually the first new game from Bethesda in a long time. Most people who reviewed it liked Starfield. They really liked the big world that you can see, where the game takes place and the music. But some people did not like the story and exploration parts of the game.


Starfield is a really cool video game where you can become a character and do a lot of exciting things. You can see things from your perspective or from a distance. The game takes place in a large region of space called the Milky Way galaxy. There are made up planets as well as real ones. You can visit over 1,000 planets, as well as moons and space stations. There are a lot of things you see in the game, but some are made by people. The game determines what a planet will look like based on its star and wind, and you can find interesting things as you get closer to a planet. The game features a huge city called New Atlantis which is really impressive. As you explore, you meet other characters. Some of them can help you fight, carry items, or talk to other characters for you. They may also say things about the choices you make. You can also hire crew members in your own base. Everyone in your group has their own special skill. Some characters may even fall in love with you. At the beginning of the game, you have to create your own character and choose how they look and what they are good at. Depending on what you choose, your character will start with certain skills. As you play the game, you can unlock more skills that can help you or make things harder. For example, if you choose to be more shy, you may be able to take long trips alone, but you will tire quickly if you are with someone else. You may also get better at different things like being strong, being social, fighting, science or technology. You can also customize your weapons and use special equipment like a jetpack to help in combat or reach places that are hard to reach. When you go to different planets, the way you move and fight may be different due to gravity.
Before landing, players can look at different planets to see what good things they have. To make goods they have to take or break these things. The player can build special places called outposts which can be like their home or a place to get good things. In these outposts they can create new things and improve their goods. They can create five different categories of things: medicine, food and drink, improving outposts, equipment, and weapons. They can build the outpost in two different ways, either by seeing with their own eyes or from a bird's eye view.

In this game you can do different things with the spaceship. You can make them, buy them, or even take possession of ones that already exist. There are various places you can go to buy and sell parts for your spaceship, or get it fixed if it's broken. You can also change how your spaceship looks by adding things like different colors or decorations. Some spacecraft are larger and can hold more cargo and people, but they cannot go as fast or as far as smaller spacecraft. You have to make sure that your spaceship has weapons to protect it when you have to fight other spaceships. You get to decide which parts of your spaceship get power when you're in battle. You can also visit other spacecraft controlled by computers. You can take things from them, fight and defeat the people on the ship, take control of the spaceship, negotiate or trade with the people on the ship, or return to your own spaceship. Can go.


There is a place called Starfield, which is 50 light years away from where we live, in a special region called the Setal System. In the future, people discovered Mars in the 2050s. Then, in the 2150s, they discovered a way to travel faster than light called the "grav drive". But using this grav drive made the Earth's magnetosphere unstable and now it is not good to live. Therefore, people had to use grav drives to visit other star systems, starting with the Alpha Centauri system in 2156. This led to the formation of a group called the United Colonies in 2159 and they settled on planets in Alpha Centauri. 2160, Jameson, who lived in the New Atlantis colony, becomes the leader of the United Colonies in 2161.
The future, two large groups called the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies have a major battle called the Colony War. There were also some smaller groups such as a cult called House Varuna, a powerful but shady group called the Ryujin Corporation, and space pirates called the Crimson Fleet. The game takes place 20 years after the war, when things have calmed down but are still a bit tense. You have to create your own character and choose a job, starting as a space miner and then becoming a member of a special organization called the Planetarium.

The main goal is to find special objects from outer space called "artifacts" that are scattered throughout the galaxy. These artifacts can do weird things like make gravity different, give trippy experiences, and let you travel really fast. The main character finds the first artifact and is asked to join a special group called the Planetarium. Some important people in the group are Barrett, who also found an artifact, and Sarah Morgan, who leads the group and who the main character may have a crush on. If the main character finds all the artifacts, they can use them together to go through a special portal called "The Unity" and go to a new world called "The Starborn". In that world, they become a highly advanced human-like species. They can also start the story in a different universe.


The folks at Bethesda have been interested in making space-themed games since 1994. They also had the rights to create a game based on a role-playing system called Traveller, but unfortunately, they lost those rights. He made a little game using the Traveler system, but it wasn't finished. The Starfield game actually started from another game idea that got cancelled. It was going to be a game about a space battle called The 10th Planet. The folks at Bethesda took some ideas from that canceled game and used them to create the Starfield game world. In the 2000s, Todd Howard tried to make a game based on the Star Trek series, but the people in charge did not agree to it. So instead, they decided to create their own space game called Starfield. Bethesda has long wanted to make a feature game about space, but it took them a while to come up with unique ideas. They decided to use technology from real space missions to make their game more realistic. They also created a story spanning more than 300 years, asking what it would be like if people lived in space.
Video game makers came up with the idea of a game called Starfield a long time ago. He liked the name so much that he trademarked it in 2013. This game has been in the works since 2015, soon after they released another game called Fallout 4. Right now, they are still working on it and it is almost complete. Starfield is a video game that was created by a team of people using a special tool called Creation Engine 2. This is the first game they have created using this tool.

PC release

Starfield is a video game that you can play on a computer. You can get it on a website called Steam or on a store called Microsoft Store. If you play it on the Microsoft Store, you can also play it on Xbox and continue where you left off. The game requires special technology to run smoothly, even if your computer does not have a powerful graphics card. Before the game came out, the people who created it had said that they were only working with a company called AMD for computers. This worried some people because they thought the game would be missing some of the special features that make it really good. But when the game was released, it had some special features from AMD, but not the ones people were expecting. However, it still looks good with features like sharpness and shading. A person who works for a company that makes video game technology said that another company can use a special feature in their games if they want. He also said that his company will help him in this. But, we don't know whether the game console of the company they are talking about will use that particular feature or not.

Before the game Starfield was officially released on September 6, a person named PureDark made a modification that added a special feature called DLSS to the game. However, some people became upset because PureDark started asking for money and added a way to control who could access the DLSS feature. Then, another person named LukeFZ made his own modification which added the DLSS feature for free. The PC version of the game is missing some important features that are usually included in popular PC games. It doesn't have HDR, which makes colors and brightness look better. It also doesn't have controls to adjust the game's brightness or contrast. There are no options to change how wide or close the game looks or to improve the clarity of distant objects. When the game was first released, it did not work well with certain types of computer graphics cards, but this was later fixed. Games work better with some graphics cards than others.

Cloud gaming

Starfield is a video game that you can play on a special type of gaming called cloud gaming. Cloud gaming lets you play games over the internet instead of downloading them to your computer or game console. Starfield is a special game because it requires a lot of power from your computer to function well. You can play Starfield on Microsoft's Xbox cloud gaming service if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. It also works on Xbox One, even though there is no exclusive version for that console. Another cloud gaming service called GeForce Now also lets you play Starfield if you already have the game on Steam. To make games run really well on your computer it uses special computer parts called GPUs.

Xbox release

Starfield looks really clear and detailed when you play it on Xbox Series It's like watching a movie in high definition! On the Xbox Series S, it still looks good, but not as sharp. Both versions of the game use a special technology called AMD FSR 2 to improve the graphics even further. It's like wearing glasses that make everything clearer and more detailed. The game is designed to run at a resolution of 1440p on both consoles, which is like a picture made of lots of tiny dots.

Both Xbox versions play the game at 30 frames per second (FPS) which makes it run smoothly. But in some parts of the game, like cities, it can be a little slow and not move as smoothly.

This game doesn't have its own version for Xbox One, but if you have the "Ultimate" tier of Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can stream it and play it on your console. If you have a game from the Microsoft Store on your PC, you can continue your progress on both PC and Xbox.

Marketing and release

At a special event called E3, a game called Starfield was shown to the people. It was scheduled to arrive in 2022, but was delayed to 2023. The game is about space exploration and its music is composed by Inon Zur. They also made some short films and showed gameplay videos to get people excited about the game. It will eventually be released in September 2023.

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