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 The Time Machine H.G. There is a book written by Wells a long time ago. It is a story about a machine that can travel through time. This book really got people interested in the idea of time travel. In fact, the phrase "time machine" was invented by Wells and is still used today to talk about any type of machine that can travel through time. In a story set in old England, a man travels to the future and tells us what he saw. The story is about how people in the future have become very different from each other. One group is like happy and innocent children, while the other group is like wild and scary monkeys. The author wrote this story to show how in his time, rich and poor people were becoming more separated and unequal. The author was inspired by another book that described an ideal world, but in his story the future is not so good. At the beginning of his book in 1931, Wells said that as a writer who had grown up, The Time Machine was a really good work for him. He had no regrets about his early efforts. Critics really liked how the book talked about important ideas, like wanting something really badly, even before Sigmund Freud's book about dreams. The book shows how the author felt connected to someone who was unhappy and looking for something they had seen before but could not find again.

The time machine story has been turned into two films, shown on TV, made into comic books, and has even influenced other stories.


Wells thought about time travel in a story called "The Chronic Argonauts" while he was in college. This story was the starting point for his famous book, The Time Machine. He wanted to use some of his ideas in a series of articles, but the newspaper editor did not allow him to do so. So, he turned his ideas into a series of essays that were published in the newspaper, but were not finished because the editor left. However, another editor liked the story and helped him get it published in a different magazine. He got money for this and later it was published as a book. There are two different editions of the book, but most people use the second edition.
This story is about a man named Wells who had some beliefs about how society should be. He wrote this story to express his views about fairness and how people should live. He was also influenced by other stories and theories about society and how it could collapse. The subject of some other stories of that time was also similar. Later, Welles looked back at the story and thought it was a good effort for someone of his age, even though he had some regrets. He also said that the story was based on an invention that was popular at the time and that he believed would continue to be important in the future.

Wells observed that many people who were not very wealthy, including his own family, spent a lot of time underground. They would be in dark places like the basement kitchen or the underground quarters where his mother worked. There was even a magazine that talked about how these places were not very good to live in because it was dark and not good air. When Wells was a teenager, he also worked in a basement. This story is the first of its kind. It's called a Dying Earth story, which means it takes place in a future where the world is very old and dying. In one part of the story, the time traveler travels to the future where the sun is big and red. This section also deals with eschatology, which is the study of what will happen at the end of the world and what will happen to people in the future. Holt, Rinehart and Winston republished the book in 2000 with The War of the Worlds. He asked someone named Michael Koelsch to create a new photo for the book's cover.


Was a scientist and inventor who lived a long time ago during the Victorian era in a place called Richmond, Surrey. He was known as the Time Traveller. He tells his friends at dinner that time is like another direction, like up and down, left and right. He shows them a small model of a machine that could help someone travel through time. He tells them that he has created a real machine that can transport a person to different times. He comes back the next week to tell them what he did with it.

In the story, a man who can travel through time tests his special machine. At first, they don't think anything has changed, but then they realize they have traveled five hours into the future! They keep going and see that their house has turned into a beautiful garden. Then, they go even further into the future and meet a group of people who look like children but are actually adults. These people live in luxurious buildings which are slowly collapsing. They only eat fruits and are not much interested in learning new things. They are happy, but they are afraid of darkness and bright moonless nights. They don't even realize when some of their friends go missing at night. The time travelers explore more and spot a hill from where they can see the city of London. They feel that the whole world has turned into a garden and there is no trace of humans or the things they created long ago. They also think that everyone is living together and sharing things equally. A man went on a journey and when he came back to where he started the journey, he was surprised to find that his machine was missing. Someone had taken it to a big building that looked like the Sphinx and locked it inside. Fortunately, the machine could not function without the special part that the man took with him. Later, they met some strange creatures called Morlocks who lived underground and came out only at night. They went into a tunnel and discovered that the Morlocks were the people who worked for everything for the good people called the Eloi who lived above the ground. The man realized that humans had evolved into two distinct groups: the Eloi who were not very smart and the Morlocks who were fearful and lived in darkness. After realizing that the Morlocks have taken his time machine, the Traveler goes into their tunnels to find it. He learns that the Morlocks eat the Eloi because they have no other way of finding food. The traveler thinks that wisdom comes from dealing with difficult situations. Since the Eloi do not face any challenges, they have lost the intelligence, strength, and energy that humans used to have.

There was a man who had a special machine that could take him to different times. One day, he saved a girl named Veena from drowning because no one noticed that she needed help. They become good friends and go on a trip to a place called "The Palace of Green Porcelain", but it turns out to be an old museum. The man found some matches there and created an ingenious weapon to protect himself from evil creatures called Morlocks. He wanted to bring Veena back to his own time, but he became very tired on the way. They decide to rest in a forest, but the Morlocks find them and Veena gets hurt. The man escapes by setting a large fire to distract the Morlocks, but Veena and the Morlocks are lost in the fire. The man was very sad to lose the veena. The Morlocks find a special machine and try to capture the traveler with its help. But they don't know that the traveler will use the machine to escape. He fixes the machine and goes forward about 30 million years in time. In the future, he sees some strange creatures on a dying Earth. They look like red crabs and they walk slowly on beaches that are red like blood. They chase large butterflies and only simple plants grow there. The traveler continues forward in time and watches as the Earth stops rotating and the Sun changes color. The world becomes still and cold, and all living things eventually die. Feeling really stressed, he goes back in time to where he came from, arriving back at the laboratory only three hours after leaving the first time. He arrives late to his fancy dinner with friends. After eating, the traveler tells his friends about all the good things he has experienced, but they do not believe him. He shows them two strange white flowers that Veena gave him as proof.

The person telling the story went back to the traveler's house the next day and saw that the traveler was preparing to go on another journey. The traveler said he would return soon. But even after waiting for three years, the passenger has not yet returned.

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In a story published a long time ago, there was a part that was not included in some editions of the book. The editor had asked the author to add more to the story, but they disagreed on what should be added. Eventually, the editor's ideas were discarded and the writer had to come up with his own version of the story. The part that was removed was later published separately by someone else.

When the traveler ran away from some scary creatures, he reached a place far in the future. It was really cold and covered with frost, with simple grass and black bushes all around. There were these cute and bouncy animals that looked like kangaroos, and they only ate plants. But something bad happened – the traveler hit someone with a stone and they got hurt or died. When the traveler looked closer he realized that this person might be related to people or creatures he had met earlier. Just then, a large insect-like creature came closer and the traveler managed to escape. The next day, he learns that the creature has eaten the little person. Some editions of the book include this section which was previously removed.

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