About 2023 Cricket World Cup

The 2023 Cricket World Cup is a big cricket tournament where teams from different countries compete. It will be held in India from October 5 to November 19. There will be a big cricket tournament with ten teams from different countries. These teams had to work hard to qualify for the tournament. Unfortunately, the West Indies team could not participate this time, which is unusual for them. England team is the current champion as they won the last tournament by defeating New Zealand in the final. This is going to be a special cricket tournament for men and it will be held only in India. In the past, India has shared hosting duties with other nearby countries, but this time it will all be in India. There will be ten different locations where the games will be played. The last few matches will be held in Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.


Earlier, the competition was scheduled to take place from February 9 to March 26, 2023. But due to the COVID-19 situation, they had to change the dates to October and November. The organization in charge of the competition announced the new schedule for June 27, 2023. The Pakistan Cricket Board was angry that the Indian Cricket Board did not want to send its team to play in any tournament in Pakistan. He said that he would no longer participate in the tournament. But later he found a solution. The tournament will still take place, but some matches will be played in Sri Lanka instead of Pakistan.


Like the last World Cup, 10 teams will play in this tournament also. But this time, instead of a series of matches called the ODI Championship, teams had to play in a new series called the ICC Cricket World Cup Super League. The top eight teams from this series automatically qualified for the World Cup. Fourth-placed India is also guaranteed a spot as it is hosting the tournament. In June and July 2023, the bottom five teams of the Super League and the top five teams of the Associate teams played against each other to vie for the final two spots in the World Cup.

 This competition is different because some important teams did not make it to the qualifying round. West Indies, who had won earlier, could not perform well enough to advance. Ireland and Zimbabwe, who are important teams, also failed to qualify. Only one other important team, Sri Lanka, advanced to the next stage. The final place in the competition was decided between Scotland and the Netherlands, and the Netherlands won. However, he did not perform very well in the final stages of the competition and finished last.

Trophy Tour

The International Cricket Council (ICC) said that they will show the 2023 Cricket World Cup trophy to the people at various places. They started by sending the trophy up into the sky in a balloon and taking pictures of it. They then took the trophy to different countries before bringing it back to the main location where the games would take place.


This tournament will be held at ten different places in India. The first and second semi-finals will be held at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai and Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The final will be held at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. BCCI, which is like the boss of cricket in India, gave money to fix and improve the stadiums. Himachal Pradesh's cricket stadium got new grass, better drainage and better seats. Wankhede Stadium got a better ground, lights, fancy boxes for important people and good bathrooms. Chidambaram Stadium got new lighting and fixed two areas where the ball collides. The ICC, which is like the boss of cricket, has said that all big grounds where World Cup matches are played should be at least 70 meters in size. They want to ensure that the toss and the wetness of the grass do not affect the game too much. He asked the people in charge of looking after the fields to leave some grass on them as well.


ICC (International Cricket Council) told everyone about the World Cup mascot on August 19. He had organized a special event in Gurgaon, where two young cricketers who had won the World Cup in the past were present. The mascots are called Blaze and Tonk, and they come from a created place called Cricketverse. Blaze is a boy and Tonks is a girl. They are special because they show that boys and girls are equal and can do whatever they want.


The special song for the Cricket World Cup in 2023, named "Dil Jashn Bole", arrived on 20 September. It was composed by Pritam with the help of Shlok Lal and lyricist Saveri Verma. This song was sung by many singers like Pritam, Nakash Aziz, Shriram Chandra, Amit Mishra, Jonita Gandhi, Akasa Singh and Charan. It also included famous people like Ranveer Singh, Dhanashree Verma and YouTubers Nikunj Lotia, Gaurav Taneja, Tanmay Singh, Viraj Ghelani, Ruhi Dosani and Jatin Sapru. But, some fans did not like this song very much.


Before September 28, all teams had to choose their group of 15 players. After this date, they could change players only if the ICC said it was okay. By 26 September 2023, all the teams had announced their players. The oldest player in the tournament was Wesley Barresi of the Netherlands, aged 39. The youngest player was Afghanistan's Noor Ahmed, who was 18 and a spinner.

Prize money

The International Cricket Council (ICC) said that the team that wins the World Cup will get $4 million and the team that comes second will get $2 million. Each losing team in the semi-finals will receive $800,000. This is the same amount that was given in the last World Cup in 2019. In total, the tournament has $10 million set aside for prizes.

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